Jozani forest

Jozani Forest, located in the heart of Zanzibar, is a captivating natural wonder that offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors. As the only remaining indigenous forest on the island, Jozani is a vital conservation area and a refuge for a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Tour description

Upon entering the forest, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation, towering trees, and a symphony of sounds from various bird species. The air is filled with a refreshing scent of nature, and the peaceful ambiance creates a sense of tranquility and connection with the natural world. One of the highlights of Jozani Forest is the opportunity to encounter the rare and endangered Red Colobus monkeys (Procolobus kirkii). These playful and friendly primates are unique to Zanzibar and are easily distinguishable by their striking black and red coloration. Watching them leap gracefully from branch to branch and interact with one another is an absolute delight, making for an unforgettable wildlife encounter. As you venture deeper into the forest, your knowledgeable guide will share fascinating insights into the delicate ecosystem and the importance of conservation efforts to protect this precious habitat. Along the way, you might also spot other wildlife, such as Sykes’ monkeys, bushbabies, and a variety of bird species. Jozani Forest is not only home to diverse wildlife but also to a rich variety of plant life. Your guide will point out the different tree species, including mahogany, ferns, and epiphytes that thrive in this pristine environment. The forest floor is covered in a thick layer of fallen leaves, adding to the magical atmosphere of the place. For nature enthusiasts and eco-conscious travelers, Jozani Forest offers an opportunity to connect with nature and witness the importance of conservation efforts firsthand. It serves as a valuable educational experience, raising awareness about the significance of preserving natural habitats and protecting endangered species. Visiting Jozani Forest is a truly immersive experience that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the beauty of nature. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to explore Zanzibar beyond its beaches and delve into the island’s remarkable biodiversity and rich ecological heritage.


Transfers from stone town (from other destination, contact us)
Entrance fees
Tour guider
A bottle of mineral water for each


1 or 2 people $80
3 persons $160
4 persons $230
5 persons $290
6+ persons $50 per person

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