Best Beaches In Zanzibar

Here we are going to list the 5 best beaches in Zanzibar. If you think we left out any, you can holla at us and we will list it.

Kendwa Beach

Located 56 KM from Stone town Zanzibar, Kendwa offers a beautiful view of sunset. There are a lot of activities that can be done while here such as Sunset Cruise, Jet Ski, Parasailing and much more.its long stretch of white sand is breathtaking, the atmosphere in Kendwa beach is that of having fun all the time

Nungwi Beach

When you pass Kendwa and keep going forward to the North, is where you will find Nungwi. The Beach in Nungwi is the same as Kendwa, but, it is deep. Some activities that can be done in Kendwa Beach can also be done in Nungwi

Kiwengwa Beach

Soft and smooth sand in Kiwengwa with clear water, perfect for relaxing and calm for thos looking for a calm atmosphere

Paje Beach

As like all mentioned beaches, Paje also have a long stretch of white sands. The beach is famous for kite surfers. 

Jambiani Beach

Although a number of hotels and bungalows built a wall on the beach to protect the properties from erosion, Jambiani still have some open places, and with most interaction with the local people

- Not to forget, All these beaches are free to access for anyone! -