• Company Name: Zanziquest Limited
  • ZCT REGISTRATION NR. 026E.03.2019
  • Registered as Tour Operator
  • Country: Tanzania Zanzibar

About Us

Experienced, dedicated and passionate, the founders created the website to spread the love of Zanzibar to the world. Zanziquest aims to illustrate the beauty of the Island located on the Indian Ocean in the East African Region. 


Our mission is to increase the amount of tourists entering the country, increasing awareness of this beautiful Island, while making sure tourists enjoy and remember their holiday as one of the best vacations they have been on.


The founders of Zanziquest were all born in Zanzibar, with one living in the UK. When he returned to his country, he was amazed at how beautiful the Island was, from the warm atmosphere in the city to the exclusive and serene beaches, he knew the world had to see the beauty of Zanzibar. Joining together with his siblings, Zanziquest became a family run business focusing on showcasing this beauty to the world. 


The birth of Zanziquest happened in 2019 with its sole purpose of bringing tourists to the wonderful island. Let us help you in discovering the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Start your adventure with Zanziquest.


Although there are many travel companies that offer packages to Zanzibar, we believe that many are business orientated and sales driven. The whole notion of a travel agent disappears. The old days, booking a holiday was not as simple as today, before you would need to do research on your area of choice, have the right books to know the history, and ensure that you are knowledgeable in the location of your choice. 


Before, the travel agent will discuss these factors with you, and help you make your decision, but now these travel agents work on targets, and are sales driven and have lost that customer edge because the customer to them is just a walking money machine. 


We at Zanziquest see it different. We do not feel comfortable unless you, the customer, are comfortable. We understand that holidays do not come too often especially for families who live busy lives, so it is important that you go to your holiday stress free. 


We are accredited with respective organisations and we only use registered and accredited companies in dealing with your requests. 


What is most important though is the fact that the company is run by Zanzibar people, and we have made deals to get you the best possible offer with no compromise to experience. Our knowledge puts us ahead of the competition, experience is necessary to be able to give advice on the best locations for a night out, best places to exchange currency, best times to travel and the best level of satisfaction. Sit back, relax, and book your adventures with Zanziquest today and let us make your holiday dreams come true.